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Abel Adam (7 years ago)
SCHOLARSHIP ABROAD EXPOSED HOW TO STUDY ABROAD FOR A DEGREE, MASTERS’ OR PHD PROGRAM WITHOUT PAYING A DIME IN SCHOOL FEES GUARANTEED! YES YOU CAN STUDY IN FINLAND, NORWAY, AND SWEDEN without PAYING A DIME By School Research or you can call for Any Advise o My Gmail :abeladam40@gmail.com My Email : abeladam51@yahoo.com DISCLAIMER The author has made every effort to make sure that this document has up-to-date information. Due to changes that occur everyday in the world, the author bears no responsibility for any inconveniences, injury, or fallout that result from changes that might occur after the publication of this material. INTRODUCTION Today the cost of getting a real good education has gone astronomically high with even locally. But getting a quality education locally is another matter altogether. It can be summed up in one word-worthless. Ever since the decline of the nation’s economy, the quality of education and its standard has with other sectors slowed down to almost a grinding halt. Teachers are owed months of their salaries, facilities are dilapidated, and corruption runs amok in the entire system. This lowering standard has thus made private companies and multinationals, the largest employers of labor to look more unablfavoy towards people who study abroad as they seek to hire staff. Government owned agencies and parasitical are not left out. A few months ago, it was widely reported in the newspapers that NLNG (Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Company) advertised for graduates to fill vacancies in the organization. When the applicants got there on the day set for the interview, the NLNG officials asked them to stand in two separate lines…one line for those who went to University in Nigeria (it didn’t matter if you went to Covenant University where you paid =N=450,000 a session or University of Uyo where you paid =N=30,000, just stand in one line)… The other line was for those who went to University abroad (it also didn’t matter if you attended Harvard or Julius Nyerere University in Tanzania) Now guess what the NLNG guys did? They started calling in those who went to school abroad first! See what I mean? This brash disdain for locally schooled people has caused it’s own problems as millions of locally trained graduates are unemployed and there is a mad craze to study abroad as new students and thus wishing to further their education have began to wise up and are now seeking to find study opportunities outside the shores of Nigeria. This also has given rise to very many education consultancy companies who specialize in helping students get admission abroad to study. Many of these are patronized as it is thought that they have the secrets to filing the right applications and are influential in foreign embassies. While this may be true, I think that the fees they charge to render these seemingly ‘hard’ services are astronomically high and cost prohibitive for many prospective students. As is common knowledge, many of them charge as much as =N=60,000 and above to file an application for you to get admission in a foreign university and submit your papers at the relevant embassies. But guess what the truth is…if you know the rules (it’s on the website of the schools you are interested in and on their respective country embassy website), you can actually manage your application yourself and that money you save will be money in your pocket. Going to school abroad is a realistic goal. If you are thinking towards that direction, that’s a good step in the right direction. But another thing I observed is, most students (degree, masters’ or PHD students) who sincerely want to study in foreign schools don’t bother applying, because…they are scared of the cost of such an undertaking. Studying in some countries I agree is very expensive. But note what I said, in some countries. The truth many of those education agencies will not tell you is that there are many countries where you can study abroad without paying a dime in school fees! The rapid shift in power and economic balance, especially in Europe, has seen many countries desirous of maintaining their status and achieving rapid growth have made laws enabling citizens of other nations eligible to come over to their countries and study For FREE, provided they meet certain criteria. All of these countries are in Europe, especially in the Scandinavian section of Europe, comprising of countries such as Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark etc. Now each country has their own set of rules regarding this programmed and as most things in life are, some countries are easier to work with their laws than others. For the purpose of this book, we are going to be concentrating on Finland as a country, as it is the easiest of them all to gain admission into. I telly you when I discovered how easy it was, my mouth was left hanging open. I will also touch briefly on the other countries and their processes so you c

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