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In this mountain place, we host a show. In the first part, there's a concert. When it's over, we head backstage to meet a performer. Then, we have a commercial break which isn't featured in this icon. We then head to a sad story in which a person, with a high heel, crushed an innocent little pink Squee. It splattered into a gooey/legoey mess. We are trying to convict that person.
Created: 10 years ago
License: Creative Commons, no attribution
Frames in Animation: 88

How to add the favicon to your page ?

  • Download favicon
  • Put the favicon.ico file into your webserver directory
  • This favicon is an animation. Only the Firefox browser supports animated favicons yet. For that reason you need to generate an additional non-animated favicon.ico file.
  • Add the following lines between the <head> ... </head> tags of the page:
  • Replace PATH_TO_STATIC_FAVICON and PATH_TO_ANIMATED_FAVICON with the correct paths

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